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Columnar Hornbeam Tree

Columnar Hornbeam Tree

Carpinus betulus 'Fastigiata'


Caliper: 1.5-2"

Mature Height: 30' - 40'

Mature Width: 20' - 30'

Growth Rate: Slow growing

Zone: 4 - 8

Form: Oval and upright or erect, with age the spread increases

Bloom Time: Spring



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The Columnar Hornbeam is an oval upright growing tree. The Columnar Hornbeam is perfect for showing symmetrical and architectural value. Its an excellent choice for lining lawns, streets, making a hedge or screening out the sun. It is part of the Birch family.

The Columnar Hornbeam should be grown in partial to full sunlight. This tree prefers a moist, well drained soil however it can adapt to various soils, pH's, heat and drought. The Hornbeam is somewhat sensitive to being transplanted in Autumn. Therefore, you should take care of the soil, fertilize, water thoroughly, mulch often if you plan to plant a Hornbeam during the fall. During the first winter of the tree being in your landscape, you should try and avoid the Winter salt spray to enhance the survival of the tree. If the Columnar Hornbeam survives through Winter, it will thrive through the rest of it's life and adapts to imperfect conditions.

As the hornbeam ages, it will broaden and get thicker leaves, therefore you should not plant shrubs under it if they need full sunlight. During Autumn, the leaves turn yellow, giving a great fall color. During the winter, the tree sheds its leaves and begins growing new ones after winter.

The Columnar Hornbeam has bark that is mottled gray and white, making it a very beautiful and attractive tree. It has a texture of medium to fine. The Hornbeam produces leaves that alternate are simple, and serrated. The leaves usually grow from 2.5" - 5" long when the tree is mature. It produces male flowers or fruit known as catkins and small nuts. This tree will provide dense shade with it is full grown.

The Columnar European Hornbeam is also known as European Hornbeam, Musclewood or Ironwood.

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