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Here at Gragg Farms & Nursery, we make sure we provide our trees with the best care possible to ensure customer satisfaction and proper growth for the trees.

Call us for pricing and more information at (828) 733-0571

Broadleaf Evergreens

Broadleaf Evergreens


Trees that stay green all year round and have broad leaves rather than needle-like or scale-like leaves.


Laurels, Rhododendrons


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  Coniferous Evergreens

Coniferous Evergreens


 Coniferous Evergreens are trees that stay green all year round and produce cones.


Fraser Firs, Spruces, White Pines, and more


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Deciduous Ornamental Shrubs

Deciduous Ornamental Shrubs


Shrubs that lose their foliage for part of the year and produce flowers or have attractive characteristics


Viburnum, Burning Bush, Blue Holly and more


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  Frasier Fir Christmas Tree

Fraser Fir Christmas Trees


Live Fraser Fir Christmas trees and wreaths made from Fraser Firs, White, Pine, or mixed evergreens


Fraser Fir, Mixed Evergreen, White Pine


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Ornamental & Shade Trees

Ornamental & Shade Trees


Trees that produce flowers or have attractive characteristics and trees that produce shade


Cherrys, Maples, Dogwoods, Ash, and more


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50 tree order minimum

Minimum order amount when shipping: 50 trees/shrubs
No minimum order amount when you pick-up or hire a trucking company
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****All of our prices for our trees and shrubs include wire basket and cured burlap.
Except for small shrubs, Rhododendrons, and Mountain Laurels ****

ordering FAQs

View frequently asked ordering questions.

Shipping minimum: You must order 50 trees or more (when being shipped)

No minimum amount when picking up trees from our nursery.

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