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Gragg Farms & Nursery Ordering FAQs

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What is the minimum order requirement?

There is no minimum order requirement if you are picking up your trees from Gragg Farms & Nursery.

If you would like Gragg Farms to coordinate the delivery and shipping there must be a half (tractor and trailor) load or 50 trees.

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Where do you grow your trees and shrubs?

We grow our trees, shrubs, and evergreens on 250+ acres of North Carolina land; we grow our trees and shrubs in Burke County, North Carolina and our Frasier Fir Christmas trees in Newland, North Carolina.

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Who do you sell your trees and shrubs to?

We sell our trees, shrubs, evergreens and Christmas trees to homeowners (who wish to pick up their own trees), landscapers, wholesale nurseries, garden centers, retail and chain stores. We do not sell to Box stores, such as Wal-Mart, Lowes, Home Depot, etc.

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Does the price of your trees and shrubs include a basket?

tree packing with wire basket & cured burlap

All of our prices for our trees and shrubs include wire basket and cured burlap. Except for small shrubs, Rhododendrons, and Mountain Laurel.

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Where do you deliver your trees and shrubs?

We deliver throughout the continental United States and can coordinate partial loads/shipments.

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Can I pick my own trees and shrubs?

You may schedule your own trees/shrubs for pickup and delivery. 

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How do you prepare your trees/shrubs for delivery?

  • All trees/ shrubs will have customized tags  ( name, size, and description)
  • We will dig and store for late season deliveries ( with a storage and keep up fee)
  • Job site Delivery
  • Gragg Farms will shop for competitive delivery/shipping rates
  • You may schedule your own pick up and delivery for trees/ shrubs
  • Gragg Farms will coordinate delivery/ shipping
  • Will coordinate partial loads ( doesn't cost extra)
  • Will do "Summer Digs".- Extra materials will be available  throughout summer.

We also provide farm Tours- Call to set an appointment. Breakfast or Lunch will be included, Driven to each farm, a walk thru each tree ( that they want to look at), Bring "BOOTS" it may be muddy.

Customized Tree Tag LabelsCustomized Tree Tags

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How do you prepare your Christmas Trees for delivery?

  • Customized tag- name, size, and quality
  • Christmas trees are hand selected
  • Freshness tag- cut no more than 7 days before shipped.
  • May choose from different grades or row run trees
  • Hand made and designed wreath and garland
  • Produce Garden Center Quality trees
  • Will mix B & B and Cut trees
  • Will coordinate shipping
  • Will shop for competitive shipping rates
  • Job site delivery
  • Coordinate partial shipping ( does not cost extra)
  • Delivers in at least two days.
  • We do NOT sell to retail/ chain stores.

We also provide farm Tours- Call to set an appointment. Farm Tours- Call to set an appointment, Breakfast or lunch provided, Driven to the site, walk thru.

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How do we measure our trees for sale?

how to measure trees and shrubs using caliper

Christmas Trees are measured from the lowest ring of branches to the highest ring of branches.

Our trees and shrubs are measured by height and caliper.

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How many trees can you fit on a truckload?

It depends on what size caliper your trees are.

For 2" caliper trees, we can fit 110-115 trees on a truck.

For 2.5" caliper trees, we can fit around 90 on a truck and 3" caliper trees, we can fit about 75-77 trees on a truck.

Mixed loads will vary by tree sizes, call for more information.

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How are your trees graded?

All of our trees are graded by the A.A.N. standard

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Can I get discounts on your trees?

Yes, you can receive discounts on trees and shrubs, please call us for pricing and more information.

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Trees & Shrubs We Grow: